The first dog


The dogs have been accompanying me and my husband for our entire life. That's why we it didn't take long until we made a decision to welcome a quadrupe in our home. At that time our children were yet at the very young age so having their health in mind we didn't want to choose a random breed. We dicided to visit the Związek Krynologiczny to make a little research before choosing apropriate dog that would live up our expectations. And then He came to the room - Bernese pastoral dog. It was the love at the first sight. We knew that was the dog we'd want. Instantly we collected information about breed breeding and that's how PACCO became ours. The idyll and reciprocal love lasted for 6 years which was definitely too short. That's when the desease took the member of our family away from us. It was difficult to reconcile yourself to it passing and it brings tears to eyes even today. Yet there was still another pet in our home - beloved Norwegian cat.





Another Furry one


It took us some time after PACCO's death to decide to create a home for another dog. It was on March Sunday when we went for a dogshow and we stumbled upon the cocker spaniels. It was amazing! The feeling we had had while choosing our first doggy a few years earlier overcame us again. BREEE (because that was it name) from the Cocking Breeding got a new home (black bitch Cocker, english spaniel). With its character and personality it fitted out family perfectly. Essentially Breeze is protective and cares about every householder, it's happy and energetic which is characteristic for that breed. Breeze is curious about the world and also love frolics. It can also be stubborn yet simultaneously cute. It simply stole our hearts. It's the love for that breed what made us want to have puppies on our own and share our passion for animals with you.



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